Saturday, August 4, 2007

word play

goosebumps on her my our skin cool of the morning cat's fur on my tongue the read the paper and your day will start your engines gentlemen prefer nothing have no distinctions mar harmony

musty smell the roses are red violets are you ready or not that way back yonder where the sun is up and no time to waste not want what you cannot do that and you'll regret nothing stays the same forever is a long long ago

we'll be there in the blink of mice and men

don't wait up where we belong to the right wing and a prayer is a conversation with enough money you can do what you can anyone blame others and you blame your actions speak louder than a sonic boom

do unto others a child was born free as the world turns away from what is your problem is you think of others before you say anything that can go wrong will you help me I think I can I think I once was a spider who married a fly away from it all I want what you can never go back in the day begins again and again the same thing happens when you don't listen to err is human to forgive your enemies close your eyes

in the beginning was the word is he's not very many people know this and you shall I pour the tea for two and two for ever and ever any doubt creeps in like it or not what you think what you will

3 comments: said...

these are great. so tricky. sometimes you think you can see a thread and then it snaps.

Ms Chris said...

Silly is as silly sally forth fifth at least feast time to rhyme song fa-la-la masala. There. Where? No know what or how play this way.

Ketara said...

Keep up the good work.