Wednesday, October 3, 2007

rainy day

drip by drip water wears the hardest stone

cousin air does the same
breathing grit into cracks once, a thousand, many million times

my diaphragm sinks into belly bellows as I
expand contract how often in this
as I live and breathe

when he says
you never she says
why don’t you they say
how could you
galaxies grow between us and I
could let myself fall into echoing
void of not my fault not me how could they

but when I stood on the rim
between huge bright blue and dizzy deep down to the slow green
trickle of ancient river
I knew I am an atom

now clouds rush to where the sun’s glorious rosy will wake us
and I remember
to choose this here now planet

my stone ribs grow strong
wearing all the air I borrow, all the soft forgiving


Christine said...

all the soft forgiving -- such tenderness! ... to me this reads like a prayer, a meditation on the brahmaviharas of loving kindness and compassion. thank you.

Bonnie said...

and I read it again and hear it anew.thanks Tannis, your writing gives me SO much - reminder of living from the soul.